It's all about catchy melodic tunes, making the people feel a vibe.

"Pale blue Jak" comes from the imagination of Neil Byrne "I wanted something that would excite me, something that would make me cry, something that would make me laugh, something I would find myself dancing to without trying and most importantly something with a cool vibe. I want these songs to mean as much to the listener as they do to me. Writing random songs is not what I wanted to achieve. I was after a common thread throughout.... I could visualize the live performance, an unconventional, energetic, charismatic, quirkey show all in one mix."

"I asked myself what would describe the music!? Well, it is quite animated thus putting a colour in the name. A lot of the songs that I write are made up of characters, so a name thrown in there could be cool! For some reason within this train of thought a name came into my head.. straight off it sounded right, I could not get past it! I said to myself, “I will sleep on it” and I did. When I woke the first thing that came into my head was... PALE BLUE JAK"

"Pale blue Jak - Faces" features 10 original songs along with 3 cover versions.

Captain Lane
Lane is a stereotypical shy-guy by day. He needs his fill of dutch courage which slowly but surely gives him the confidence to impress the girls and ultimately have his regular one night stand with no intention of bonding a relationship. Karma is waiting.

Pale Blue Jak
It’s all about catchy melodic tunes, making the people feel a vibe. It’s all about Pale Blue Jak.

When I heard Grenade for the first time it made me sing it even though I didn’t know the words, a strong melody but I could also hear a completely different version.

Mr Ace
I once had a friend who had an endearing and gentle character but made up the most far fetched yarns. He once told me that the tree in the middle of our school playground was mechanical and that he had built it himself. Quite impressive for a 6 old! Haven’t we all met a Mr Ace!

A story about a boy who had an infatuation for a much older woman and didn’t know how to break the news to her. Let’s just say “paperboy” turned the page!

How was he to know when he fell in love with her, that she would eventually murder him not knowing that he would be hanging around in spirit to make her life a very unsettling one...

Mr Blue Sky
This brings me back to my childhood, sitting in front of dad’s old Toshiba stereo listening to ELO, one of my all time favourites. I guess this was where my journey began.

In the depths of their despair a young married couple find themselves coming up with an irrational plan to hold a bank manager to ransom to gain the life they dreamed of… His name was Charlie... now it’s D-13.

Sadie Jones and I
Set in a different era, light hearted track based on love at first sight. She is the perfect stranger on the bus that he travels to work on every morning. Never late for taking a chance or stealing a glance and like all good fairy tales he wins her heart in the end.

Let em in
This brings me back in time once again to my childhood when neighbours and friends would often drop by unannounced. Computers and mobile phones have all but changed that.

A Life I Once Had
Looking through the window from the other side, the hereafter finds him reflecting from a different perspective.

Lost and Tender
I think I can safely say most of us have had to endure some form of depressive state in our life time, for some, depression is their biggest cross to bear. With a lot of love, help and soul searching they can find their way. This song was written in a time of my life when I was a little “Lost and Tender”.

My Parade
Life is short. I will do my best to enjoy life. Please be don’t rain on my parade.

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